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Detox & Slim


Introducing the power couple that helps you slim down, all while cleansing your body with a powerful detox program.

The Detox and Slim capsules combine the best of both worlds: the Puri Cleanx and S Body work in seamless tandem to improve bowel movements and flush the toxins out of your body, all while speeding up your body’s natural fat-burning processes.

Say goodbye to the flabby arms, big thighs and stomach rolls. With the Detox and Slim capsules, you feel and look better than ever.

  • Puri Cleanx + S Body – 60 Capsules (each) 
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Certified Halal by Jakim Malaysia, safe to consume by Muslims
  • Take Puri Cleanx (2 capsules daily after lunch) for 1 month followed by S Body for 3 months (2 capsules daily after lunch) to see optimal results

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