Who We Are

Founded and established in 1984, Total Image was originated in the U.S.A. and has emerged to the Southeast Asia Market as one of first fewest slimming and beauty companies, pioneering in natural, high performance slimming, beauty and health products. The Company started with only one product which contributed to over 80% of the investment turnover in 1985.

Due to great success, the team was encouraged to further bring in other high quality slimming, beauty and health supplements and over the years has introduced many successful products. Total Image has been standing strong in this industry for over three decades and is continuing to do so in providing its customers with high performance, high quality products. Today, our products can be found at all leading pharmacies throughout Malaysia, both in chain and independent pharmacies.  

Our Mission

  • To provide the purest, safe and most effective products through nature, science and innovation.
  • To deliver top quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • To provide our best hospitality and customer service.

Our Vision

Our management team will constantly strive to provide each customer a truly enriching experience with our slimming, beauty, anti-aging, health and personal care products. We are committed to create safe and effective products to your beneficial needs.