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Whita Glo


Formulated according to a proprietary Japanese fermenting process and made from only the highest-quality pure OPITAC™ L-Glutathione, the Whita Glo capsules are your secret weapon against aging.

The L-Glutathione is amongst the most powerful natural antioxidant, found virtually in every cell of the body. With 400mg pure OPITAC™ L-Glutathione per capsule, the Whita Glo aids your natural reserves in counteracting the free radicals and protects your body and face against their harmful aging effects.

Thanks to the high concentration of the amino acid Cysteine, the Whita Glo also lightens the skin, improves the appearance of dark spots and gives you the radiant glow you deserve.

  • OPITAC™ L-Glutathione 400mg
  • Vegetable Capsules
  • Certified Halal by Jakim Malaysia, safe to consume by Muslims
  • 1 capsule daily after meal 

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