Best Natural Deodorant for Hiking Trips in Malaysia

Conquer The Hills & Your Body Odour!

Picture this; you wake up at 4.30am, feeling excited to prep for your hike at Gasing Hill with some coworkers that you recently found out enjoys hiking as much as you do. Knowing the Malaysian weather, you apply your best natural deodorant for the long 4.4km hike. After packing your necessities, you head off to join your coworkers in hopes of catching a jaw-dropping view of the sunrise. You all huff and puff as you cross the suspension bridge and explore the Hindu temple and watchtower along the hike. Finally, you reached the peak and managed to catch the first rays of sunrise. 

Did you think the story would end like that? As you raise your arms to take a picture, you get a whiff of a funky smell coming from your underarms. Reality sets in as you look down and see a massive pit stain on your grey sports tee. Your coworkers pull you in for a group picture, and as they pose for the picture, you squat and try as hard as you can to cover your pit stains and funky smell. Maybe what you thought was the best natural deodorant in Malaysia wasn't the best after all. 

Chemical-based products are one of the many ways Malaysians use to tackle body odour as they effectively stop perspiration by creating a thin layer that covers your pores, which then prevents body odour. However, this method can clog your pores and potentially cause skin irritation or inflammation. Switching to natural deodorants is the best way to conquer hiking trails in Malaysia with confidence! They keep you feeling fresh and clean by directly eliminating odour-causing bacteria. 

The Smelly-No-More Roll On Deodorant, for example, is an all-natural deodorant manufactured from pure mineral salt and contains no harmful chemicals such as aluminium chlorohydrate and alcohol. Besides its natural ingredients list, this roll-on deodorant helps to combat wetness and is also free from essential oils, making them highly suitable for those with sensitive skin! Wet the crystal mineral's deodorant stone and apply it on your underarms, feet, or behind your knees, and you're all good to go. It's great for easy to moderately challenging trails such as Broga Hill and Tabur Hill. 

If you're into challenging hikes such as Mt. Kinabalu, get the Smelly-No-More Spray as you can easily re-apply throughout your journey. Both products are essentially the same; however, the deodorant spray comes in an easy and contactless application. Don't let smelly pits and unsightly pit stains ruin your pictures anymore! Ladies and gents, Total Image natural mineral salts deodorants is your best bet to conquering the Malaysian hills! 

Tips: Wear breathable clothing and, most importantly, proper hiking shoes! Pack some nutritious and refreshing snacks such as cucumber and trail mixes.


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