5 Benefits Of Using Natural Deodorants

5 Benefits Of Using Natural Deodorants

Sweat is a natural thing your body does to expel toxins and regulate its temperature. But since sweating is usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor and the unbecoming sight of underarms wet patches, most people would rather avoid or stop the process altogether.

Chances are, you’ve begun using antiperspirants or deodorants on a daily basis ever since your awkward teenage years. But, if combating body odor is what you’re aiming for, that’s really the worst thing you could do. As an alternative, we highly recommend you to switch to using natural deodorants. Here’s why:

1.     Natural deodorants won’t plug your sweat glands

Antiperspirants work by blocking your sweat glands to stop the sweat from coming out to the surface of your skin. Little do you know that you’re forcing those toxins to stay in your body. Although claims that using antiperspirants may lead to cancer have been proven inconclusive, it’s best to let your body does what it’s designed to do. And using natural deodorants allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: to sweat minus the smell. 

2.     Your body odor will be gone for good

Unbelievable as it may sound, your sweat is naturally odorless. The body odor actually comes from those toxin-eating bacterias, especially the corynebacteria. Having said that, you’re not supposed to get rid of them totally. Your skin still needs to have a healthy amount of bacterias to boost your immune system against infection.

Antiperspirants disturb your skin’s ecosystem, leading to the growth of more and even new bacterias which might be even stinkier than before. That is to say, in an attempt to eliminate the BO, you're actually causing more BO.

When you make the switch to natural deodorants, you’ll sweat more in the first few days or weeks as the microbial ecosystem in your underarms tries to rebalance itself, but your sweat will no longer smell bad.

3.     You’ll have a healthier skin

You’re most likely already aware that antiperspirants contain chemicals that could cause skin irritation, dryness, etc. Using natural deodorants eliminate these, and you’ll notice your skin becoming softer, healthier and brighter over a long period of continuous use. 

4.     No more underarm stains

Aluminium is one of the key ingredients in antiperspirants. But do you know that it’s the real culprit that causes the underarm stains? When this active ingredient bonds with your sweat, it causes those unsightly yellow streaks on your clothing. Your sweat alone is innocent!

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your whites, the best choice is to use natural deodorants because they’re aluminum-free.

5.     Say goodbye to annoying white streaks

Perhaps, there’s nothing more annoying than going out on a date with white deodorant streaks on your favorite black dress or shirt. The good news is that natural deodorants are made of different ingredients that don’t cause those white streaks. So anytime you feel like throwing your hands up in the air, just go right ahead!

So, there you are – the five benefits of using natural deodorants. If you’re thinking to make the switch, we highly recommend Smelly No More all-natural products. They’re not only made of pure mineral salts, but also free from any harmful chemicals. Wait no more, click here!


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