6 Ways to Keep Your Body Slim & Fit

6 Ways to Keep Your Body Slim & Fit

Staying fit is not all about physical training or dieting with the right foods. Sometimes, even the small changes in lifestyle habits can make a difference. Here are 6 ways to keep your body slim and fit!


Did you know that hunger pangs are mostly a sign of dehydration? Drinking water whenever you feel hungry can help to control your hunger as well as it prevents you from packing in unnecessary calories. Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body and improve digestion all at once. All it takes is 2-3 litres a day. Lessen the amount you eat but increase the frequency of eating instead. Healthy snacks work wonders with your body, just stay away from desserts, the sweeter they are, the more calories they have.


Sit around after a heavy meal. Get up and take a walk to help burn a few calories while your digestive system processes the food. Plus, you’ll feel better anyway.

4. RUN & JOG

Running or cardiovascular activity aids in boosting metabolism by burning calories. High intensity activities such as running also reduces stress and suppresses your appetite. For more effective calorie burns, add jogging intervals to really get your blood pumping!


You might have heard this a thousand times over and yes, it’s true! Junk food such as chips and process foods like sausages and fish balls are bad for you because they are high in salt and unhealthy fat content. These elevate bad cholesterol levels, causing weight gain as well as it increases the risk of heart diseases and accelerates aging.


Replace your meal with Total Image Meal Shape, give your body the benefits of healthy nutrients and minerals with this meal replacement to get in shape! Ideally, substituting your breakfast and dinner will be more effective. This ALL-IN-ONE healthy drink mix contains 24 types of multi-grains, OatS’elect™ Beta Glucan and Cactus fruit extract, everything you need to help you keep your health in check and get a nice body shape!

Total Image Meal Shape is formulated with all-natural ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and it is suitable for vegetarians. All you need to do is take 2 scoops of Meal Shape into 150ml of warm water. Stir evenly and enjoy all its benefits.


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