5 Tips You’ll Ever Need To Preserve Your Skin’s Natural Beauty

5 Tips You’ll Ever Need To Preserve Your Skin’s Natural Beauty

We can all agree that the best foundation you can wear comes in the shade of a healthy, glowing skin. However, the constant exposure to the pollutants in the air is rapidly taking its toll on our skin and it is showing. Dullness, dark spots, premature wrinkles – you name it, we probably have it! And it’s only getting worse year after year! If only the fountain of youth existed in real life…

Now, forget about the fountain of youth. What we’re about to tell you will help stop the clock and preserve your skin’s natural beauty! Swear by these 5 tips and your skin will thank you for years to come!

Apply sunscreen

First, never step out of the door without applying sunscreen. The sun is indeed your best source of vitamin D, but prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn – or worst, kill your skin’s cells by ruining their DNA. In our tropical weather, go for SPF30 sunscreen or higher and reapply (every 3-4 hours) throughout the day if you tend to venture outside more.

Keep your gut happy and healthy

Secondly, take care of your digestive system. Scientific evidence suggests that your gut issues can weaken your immunity and the effect will manifest itself on your skin in so many ways. Therefore, avoid sugar, processed foods, alcohol – basically, any food that will harm your gut flora. Include more probiotics (yoghurt, tempeh, kimchi, pickles) and prebiotics (garlic, banana, barley, oat) in your diet instead.

Stay hydrated

You also want to keep your hydration in check. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it requires the right amount of fluid to function properly. The general guideline is to take 2L of water a day. Try using a marked water bottle or an app to track your cups. Want to make it even better? Sweeten the deal with Hydra Glow beauty powder and boost your skin hydration up to 40%!

Adopt an active lifestyle

Exercising can boost the blood flow through your body. This will ensure your skin is getting all the oxygen, nutrients, and minerals it needs to preserve your natural beauty. Start small with a 20-minute session three times a week – any movement is good movement – and gradually build the momentum and intensity of your workout.

Try supplementing collagen

Finally, consider topping up your body’s collagen reserves with supplements. Our Collagen tablets are full of pure and hydrolyzed collagen which promotes a healthy, glowing, and firm skin.

If you are also looking to even out your complexion and get protection from the free radicals, how about trying out our Collagen Plus product? It can reverse the signs of aging too – plus point! This might just be the magical elixir you have been looking for.


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