Slimming Supplements: How To Pick The Right One For You

Slimming Supplements: How To Pick The Right One For You

One of the most common questions we get is: How do I pick the right slimming supplement for me?

We get you. It can be a daunting task considering all the products we carry have been meticulously formulated to serve their purpose. So here are some tips that might be helpful.

Puri Cleanx

Have you ever heard of Garcinia Cambogia? This small, greenish fruit can help curb your appetite and block the production of new fatty acids. Sounds good for the big eaters!

You will find this ingredient in our product, Puri Cleanx. To maximize the result, we recommend that you consume two capsules of Puri Cleanx after taking your meal and before starting any diet program.

S Body

Next, if you are battling with bat wings, jiggly thighs, and belly rolls, then the S Body is totally made for you. The capsule contains 15 different types of natural herbs which are packed with nutrients to boost your energy right through the day.

S Tummy

The S Tummy is formulated specifically to burn belly fat by speeding up your metabolism. As a bonus, it will also get your gut moving. So if you are experiencing constipation or bloating, taking two capsules a day can be of great help.

Beauty Dutox Tea

There is no better way to finish your meals than having a cup of hot tea! If you agree with us, perhaps the Beauty Dutox Tea is just the one you may have been looking for. It helps detox your body and regulate the bowel movement, leaving you feeling refreshed. This beauty drink will also provide a solution to your dull skin—plus point!

Meal Shape

Finally, if you are considering food alternatives, look no further than the Meal Shape. Apart from the low-calorie, gut-friendly grains, it also contains Prickly Pear Cactus extract. This ingredient revs up the removal of excess water weight from your body, thus speeding up the . With this super healthy mix, you will feel and look better than ever before.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, all of these products are halal-certified by JAKIM. Now, have you figured out which slimming supplement is best suited for you? Hop on to our website to finalise your pick!


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