Best Malaysian Slimming Product To Lose The Raya Weight Gain

Lose The Raya Weight Gain With Malaysia's Best Slimming Products

It's just impossible to control oneself when there's rendang,  serunding, dodol, and even ketupat staring right at your face during Raya! Your scrumptious Raya feast only occurs once a year; eat till your heart's content! We can always lose the weight-gain afters. However, losing weight can be a struggle for many, both females and males included. A popular method to lose weight amongst Malaysians is by purchasing slimming products!

In search of slimming products that Malaysians swear by? Here are three slimming products that all Malaysians go for to lose the Raya weight gain effectively.

Meal Replacement Shakes

A low-calorie, lactose-free solution to support your healthy weight management goals and promote a healthy diet. The Total Image Meal Shape is Malaysians' go-to meal replacement shake and slimming product for reducing body fat while also providing the body with nutrients. Formulated with 24 types of multi-grain, OatS’elect™ Beta Glucan and Prickly Pear Cactus extract to increase fat burning, promote gut health, reduce water retention and increase body metabolism. An all-in-one slimming product that many Malaysians go for!

Body Slimming Supplements

Achieve an S-line healthily with Total Image S Body and S Tummy weight loss slimming supplements. Effective slimming pills will help in reducing fat absorption and target weight & inch loss in problem areas without causing harm to the body. Both Total Image slimming supplements are made from natural ingredients to boost fat metabolism while also providing body nourishing benefits like improving bowel movement, easing indigestion, reducing bloatedness, and increasing body metabolism.

Detox Tea/Supplements

Last but not least, detox teas and supplements. This slimming product is a great way to simultaneously accelerate calorie and fat burn while removing toxins from your body, which is why it’s so popular among Malaysian women! Instead of drinking green tea or coffee, why not switch it out with Total Image Beauty Dutox Tea? It is a proprietary blend of all-natural herbal ingredients that cleanses the body of excess waste to maximise weight loss goals. Not a fan of tea? Opt for weight loss supplements developed specifically for body detoxification! Total Image Puri Cleanx is an all-natural body detox blend that helps detox your body, improve your metabolism and burn fat.

Why not just exercise or try sticking to a weight loss diet, you may ask. While that can also help to lose your Raya weight gain, not all of us can afford to spend at least an hour in the gym or stick to a weight loss meal plan for weeks. That's where slimming products come into play! They're easy to consume, fast, and most importantly, it works! Try these slimming products for yourself and see why Malaysians love them!


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