Do Crystal Deodorants Work? Here's What The Public Think.

smelly no more natural crystal deodorant

You've heard of crystal stones, but what about crystal deodorants? Word on the street is that you'll be able to feel the magical power of crystal deodorants that will keep your underarms fresh and odour-free the whole day. Well, let's find out if that's true.

What is crystal deodorant, and how do they work?

Made from natural mineral salts, like potassium alum, crystal deodorants are thought to work by creating a barrier on your underarm skin to prevent sweat from getting through. This means that odour-causing bacteria can't grow and cause unpleasant funky body odour. Some crystal deodorants also contain essential oils, which can further help to eliminate odours.

smelly no more crystal deodorant
Do crystal deodorants really work? The answer is yes!
Source: Total Image

Why should you switch to Smelly No More crystal deodorant?

Unlike your typical deodorants and antiperspirants, crystal deodorants don't contain any aluminum zirconium, parabens, or other harmful chemicals. This makes them a much safer and healthier option for your skin. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin and won't cause irritation or redness. And let's not forget, Smelly No More crystal deodorant is also vegan and cruelty-free!

What does the public has to say about the Total Image Smelly No More crystal deodorant?

Worried about fake reviews and claims? Not in this town! Total Image actually collaborated with Home Tester Club, a product testing site that hands out free products to their online community so that they can test and provide real and genuine feedback. Our crystal deodorant successfully achieved a 4.3/5 star rating from a total of 179 members of the Home Tester Club.

92% agreed Smelly-No-More Crystal Deodorant helps to eliminate their body odour.

This natural deodorant is made with pure and natural mineral salt of high potency, which can directly eliminate the culprit behind pungent body odour. A few satisfied reviewers were even baffled by how effectively the product worked to keep their body odour away for the whole day!

94% agreed Smelly-No-More Crystal Deodorant does not cause irritation, itchiness or discomfort on their skin.

People struggling with sensitive skin; rejoice! This hypoallergenic product contains no aluminum chlorohydrate and is both alcohol- and fragrance-free! Worry not about it causing irritation, itchiness or discomfort on the skin.

86% agreed Smelly-No-More Crystal Deodorant keeps them odourless the whole day.

The whole day! Yes, the majority of our reviewers have felt that this one product kept them feeling and smelling fresh for the entire day. Going for an after-work workout session? Total Image's crystal deodorant has got you covered. Go all out and burn those calories!

89% would recommend Smelly-No-More Crystal Deodorant to their friends and family.

It's not only great at doing what it's meant to do but also highly cost-effective! One bottle will last you a good 3- 6 months, so you don't have to worry about spending way too much on natural deodorants. They're also available in spray bottle form, so you can carry them with you during hiking trips and share them with everybody and anybody!

Smelly No More natural deodorant to eliminate body odour naturally

How To Use?

Easy peasy. Just wet the top surface of the crystal deodorant stone with water and apply it directly to clean dry skin. It can be used on your underarm, neck, feet, and/or behind the knees.

If you're looking for a natural way to keep your underarms smelling fresh and clean, crystal deodorant is definitely worth trying!


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