Best Skin Whitening Supplement in Malaysia 2022 - Review

Best Skin Whitening Supplement in Malaysia 2022 - Review

The age-old question that almost everybody, men and women alike, ask.

Do skin whitening supplements actually work?

We have conducted thorough scientific research for you here, and let's just say; there's a reason why women of all ages flock to get these kinds of skin supplements. Not only do they provide skin lightening effects, but they also function to help even out skin tone and reduce skin pigmentation. And that's precisely what Total Image's skin supplements do (and more!).
Total Image Whita Glo - Glutathione Supplement
Achieve Lighter Skin With The Best Skin Whitening Supplement in Malaysia 2022!
Source: Total Image

Here's your ultimate guide to Total Image's array of skin supplements (including the best skin whitening supplement in Malaysia in the year 2022!) with key ingredients breakdown and benefits along with customer reviews.

Total Image Whita Glo - Glutathione Supplement

Number 1 on this list is Malaysia's best skin whitening supplement in 2022, the Total Image Whita Glo - Glutathione Supplement. This product contains not only the highest quality pure OPITAC™ L-Glutathione but also Cysteine, both amazing and crucial ingredients for effectively whitening skin and reducing the appearance of dark spots. This beauty supplement is also a fan favourite amongst Malaysians as it provides anti-aging effects!


Loved by many, this skin whitening supplement has been recommended by 100% of our reviewers! Our happy customers have reported having brighter, healthier, glowing skin after consistently consuming this product.

"My skin looks brighter after consuming Whita Glo. I recommend this product!"

-Syara F.

Total Image Collagen & Total Image Collagen Plus

As we all know, the rate of natural collagen production declines with age. Unless you're happy with having dull, dehydrated skin and forming wrinkles and fine lines, it's time to incorporate collagen supplements into your diet. Great for overall skin health, the Total Image Collagen contains pure hydrolysed proteins that can trap moisture on your skin's surface while also penetrating the skin cell membrane with its finer molecules to deliver moisture.

Like its name, the Total Image Collagen Plus contains additional skin-benefiting ingredients to give you that extra boost. In addition to pure hydrolysed proteins, it is also packed with vitamin C and E to further promote healthy skin.


Both these skin supplements have been recommended by 100% of our reviewers with high ratings for Total Image Collagen at 5 stars and Total Image Collagen Plus at 4.6 stars!

"Just taking Collagen Plus for 1 week, I can see that my skin improved a lot. Good & trusted product."

-Tracy T.

Total Image Hydra Glow

Can't achieve glowing, radiant skin without the Total Image Hydra Glow! Formulated with our very own patented Viqua® Pomegranate extract that has been clinically proven to improve skin hydration by up to 40% within 28 days, this beauty supplement is the best of the best to help you achieve that #glow.


100% of reviewers would recommend this product for glowing, supple skin. Some even reported skin improvements within a week of consumption!

"Skin less oily, more hydrated! I had tried few packets of total image hydra glow and can see different on my skin glow."

- Foong O.

Needless to say, Total Image beauty supplements are a hit in Malaysia! However, do remember that skin supplements are best taken consistently and as per instructions to achieve results.


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