Here’s Why Malaysians Prefer Unscented Natural Deodorants

Here’s Why Malaysians Prefer Unscented Natural Deodorants

The statement does not apply to all Malaysians, of course. Scented natural deodorants come in handy and are holy grails for some. Besides that, there's a ton of scent variation as well; there's refreshing citrus scents, sweet floral scents, invigorating peppermint, you name it! They work effectively like any other natural deodorant in the Malaysian market. Yet, some of us still opt for unscented ones. From personal preference to everyday practicality, let's further discuss why some Malaysians prefer unscented natural deodorants.

Sensitivity to Scented Products

This is a substantial contributing factor to why many Malaysians prefer unscented natural deodorants. Skincare products, body creams, deodorants are all applied to the skin without being rinsed off after application. Scented products contain fragrances and essential oils that may irritate and potentially cause an allergic reaction for those with sensitive skin.

Scented Deodorants can be Overbearing

In the hot and humid Malaysian weather, unscented natural deodorants can unexpectedly be your best friend. Some scented deodorants are designed to smell stronger when it comes in contact with our sweat. And when that happens, the scents can come off a little bit too strong for our liking. Not entirely a bad thing, but if you're stuck in a compact space with poor ventilation, the whole room may start to smell like your rose and vanilla-scented natural deodorant. That'd make for an unpleasant and awkward experience. At times like these, you would've wished you put on an unscented natural deodorant instead.


Did you know unscented natural deodorants are a great way to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos here in Malaysia? Yes, rejoice!  It has been found that mosquitos are highly attracted to fragrances, particularly floral scents. And in Malaysia, mosquitos are no stranger to us; they're everywhere. Pests like them are also attracted to human body odour, so keep yourself clean, fresh and odourless with unscented natural deodorant during your next outing.

Whether you reach for the unscented or scented deodorant doesn't really matter, it all boils down to personal preference and suitability. There's nothing wrong with going scent-free, as long as you feel fresh and clean and, most importantly, body odour-free!

An all-time Malaysian favourite is the unscented natural deodorants from Total Image. First up, the Smelly-No-More Crystal Roll-on Deodorant is an organic deodorant made from pure mineral salt that directly eliminates odour causing bacteria. Repackaged in the form of a spray for convenience and hygiene, the Smelly-No-More Spray works as effectively without masking your natural scent. They're both all-natural, free of any harmful chemicals, alcohol, or fragrance, and is suitable for all skin types. A great plus point for those with sensitive skin! Fellow Malaysians, it's time to bid farewell to your baking soda or shea butter home remedies and start wearing Total Image's unscented natural deodorants.


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