Show your love to your loved ones with a positive influence this Raya

Show your love to your loved ones with a positive influence this Raya

Togetherness not only brings a sense of belonging that’ll encourage you to love one another, but also the positive influence that’ll help each other to achieve an enhanced version of themselves. When you and your friends or family gather to enjoy a movie, go on a trip, or celebrate the festivities, you are not only enjoying quality time and creating timeless memories, but also incredibly inspiring them with your passion and good side.

To show your love to your friends or family with a positive influence this Raya, Total Image is launching a "Hydra Glow Buy 1, Free 1" Campaign. Formulated with our patented Viqua® pomegranate extract, collagen tripeptide and vitamin C, it aims to boost your skin hydration level for glowing, dewy-looking skin within 28 days. Packed in convenient individual sachets, the Hydra Glow is easy to bring along when you balik kampung”.

Total Imagegiving you and your loved ones enhanced gorgeous smiles when you enjoy memorable moments together.

Be a glow getter with Hydra Glow ✨ Buy 1 & get 1 free for your family or friend to boost skin’s hydration for a healthy glow.

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