When In Malaysia, Switch To Natural Deodorants!

We want the fun, not the funk!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Malaysia, do as the Malaysians do and switch to natural deodorants to survive the sweltering heat (unless you're all about that funk). There's just no escape from the hot and humid weather as soon as you step into this country. Body odour causing bacteria that dwells in our sweat is Malaysia's No.1 fan! What happens when bacteria and sweat meet? The funk begins!

What's so good about using a natural deodorant? Malaysia is packed with fun-filled activities and amazing sights for all to enjoy, but there is a price to pay, the unwavering scorching heat. When in Malaysia, natural deodorants are your partner in crime in these times of trouble! Especially great for those with easily irritated skin, there are no harmful chemicals such as aluminium chlorohydrate, alcohol, or any scents or fragrance in natural deodorants.

About to go cafe hopping in the city centre with the girls? Put on the Total Image Smelly-No-More Crystal Roll-on Deodorant before you head out the door! Made with natural mineral salts of high purity, this natural deodorant directly eliminates body odour causing bacteria. Switching to a natural and organic deodorant made with pure mineral salt is highly beneficial for those with sensitive skin. This roll-on deodorant can help with excessive sweating and is suitable for all skin types. And here's the best part, it's great for travelling! You can walk through airport security with ease and worry not about having musty pits on the plane as it's a solid crystal roll-on! 

There's also a spray version for this! Bring along the all-natural Total Image Smelly-No-More Crystal Deodorant Spray when you're out visiting Batu Caves in Malaysia. Those 272 concrete steps will tire you out, but at least you'll be smelling fresh and clean even when you're done! Similarly to the crystal roll-on deodorant, the spray deodorant has been developed with natural mineral salts that effectively inhibits bacterial activity. Besides its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it is chemical, alcohol, and fragrance-free! Share it with family and friends with its hygienic and contactless application and stay refreshed all day.

Whether your ultimate choice is to get the Total Image Smelly-No-More Crystal Roll-on Deodorant or the Total Image Smelly-No-More Crystal Deodorant Spray, they both work effectively to tackle your worries. No more using pure baking soda, shea butter, coconut oil, or the hundred other home remedies found on the internet to eliminate body odour! Once you switch to Total Image's natural deodorants like most Malaysians already have, you'll never go back.


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