Why Are Malaysians Stocking Up On Whitening Supplements?

Why Are Malaysians Stocking Up On Whitening Supplements?

Korean celebrities! Have you seen how fair, soft and white their skin is? With Korean idols and artists practically taking over the world, whitening supplements have seen their demand soar through the roofs. This can also be seen in Malaysia. The demand in Malaysia for various skin brightening treatments and facial products has increased, and whitening supplements are not exempted. Besides Malaysia, whitening supplements have been gaining popularity in other countries because they can help effectively produce results at affordable prices.


It has been a long growing trend in eastern countries to use natural remedies to fix skin concerns such as dull skin and skin pigmentation rather than going through invasive surgical procedures that can also be costly. That's where the whitening supplement comes into play! With consistent consumption, whitening supplements can help you achieve brighter, lighter and radiant skin; all that with just a pill.

Whitening Supplements - Malaysian's Go-to For Lighter Skin Tone & Glowing Skin

The most prevalent reason for purchasing whitening supplements amongst Malaysian women is their amazing skin lightening effects. With our skin constantly being exposed to the hot and blazing sun in Malaysia, the possibility of hyperpigmentation is high. This can make our once healthy skin appear dull and no longer bright and radiant as it once was! Whitening supplements can help combat this and promote brighter, healthier skin naturally.

Yes! You can also prevent premature aging with whitening supplements. Ladies going into their 30s can highly benefit from whitening supplements as they can provide for a more youthful appearance. Formation of age spots due to sun exposure can be reversed with whitening supplements, further promoting even-toned skin. As whitening supplements promote healthy skin, your overall skin health will gradually improve!

What kind of whitening supplements do Malaysian women go for?

Everybody knows that the most essential aspect when choosing a supplement is the ingredients used in making them.

Considered to be the body's most important antioxidant, glutathione can help with liver detoxification, sleep quality, and protect your skin against harmful free radicals. Glutathione skin whitening supplements can help lighten skin discolouration and even out skin tone by inhibiting melanin production without causing irritation or inflammation. Cysteine is another ingredient that offers skin whitening along with anti-aging benefits. A combination of both glutathione and cysteine can significantly reduce dark spots and enhance skin brightening effects.

Look no further! Total Image Whita Glo is a skin whitening supplement that contains both these ingredients! Also very popular among Malaysian women, this whitening supplement includes only the highest quality pure OPITAC™ L-Glutathione, all the way from Japan, with a dosage of 400mg in each capsules, as well as amino acid cysteine, which has a quick absorption element so that its skin brightening and lightening effects can be visibly seen faster. Try out for yourself today!


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