Why You Need To Start Taking Collagen Supplements At Age 25

Why You Need To Start Taking Collagen Supplements At Age 25

Collagen is an important protein that makes up a huge portion of your hair, nails and skin. It’s vital to keep your skin looking young, firm and elastic. But did you know that we produce less collagen as we age? Particularly in our mid-20s, we lose about 1.5% of collagen per year. So what happens now to the collagen benefits that we used to enjoy? Good thing collagen supplements are readily available in the market.

So if you’re 25 or soon to be near this age, read on as we list down collagen supplements to help you keep your perfect skin and enjoy looking young and beautiful all the time!

Visible lines, wrinkles and dark spots are some of the signs that there isn’t enough collagen in our body. It can also reveal that the collagen production is slower or that the existing collagen is damaged by different factors like lifestyle changes and our environment. Too much sun exposure is one of the reasons that can damage the collagen in our skin which is why it’s important to use sun protection every day. You also need to make sure that the beauty skin care products you use are safe and without any chemicals.

Total Image Collagen is one of the anti-aging supplements that can help retain your skin’s youthfulness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smoothen your skin texture and promote a healthier, more radiant skin. Aside from that, this supplement for skin is also a safe natural skin care product with no added chemicals or preservatives.

Total Image Collagen Plus is another collagen for skin that can improve the production of collagen while it protects your skin from free radical damage. This skin care product moisturizes the skin to make it suppler and reduces saggy skin, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

Aside from these collagen supplements, one way to improve collagen production is by including vitamin C enriched fruits like lemons, oranges and strawberries to your diet. These citrus fruits are great natural sources of collagen for your skin.

Take care of your skin from within and exude beauty, healthy skin with the help of these collagen supplements!


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