Natural Deodorant Sticks & Spray for Active Malaysian Women

Natural Deodorant Sticks & Spray for Active Malaysian Women

In Malaysia’s hot and humid climate, staying fresh and odour-free can often be challenging, especially for active Malaysian women who are always on the go.

Body odour can impact the way we are perceived and our self-confidence, so choosing the right deodorant to stay odour-free is critical.

Natural deodorants are gaining popularity as a healthy and effective solution to beat the heat in Malaysia.

The Effects of Conventional Deodorants vs. Natural, Organic Deodorants

More and more Malaysians are switching from conventional deodorants to natural deodorants. This is mainly due to the potential health and environmental risks associated with conventional deodorants.

Conventional antiperspirants often contain aluminium which is used to block our sweat glands and prevent sweating to keep us feeling dry.

However, exposure to aluminium has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. While more research is definitely required on this front, an increasing number of Malaysian consumers are erring on the side of caution and switching to natural alternatives.

Furthermore, conventional deodorants typically contain alcohol and artificial fragrances, which can cause irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin.

These harsh chemicals can also adversely impact our ecosystem. When we shower, these chemicals go down the drain and can make their way into our surface water, potentially endangering aquatic life.

Organic deodorants, on the other hand, made with natural ingredients, are a much safer alternative for you and the environment.

Choosing the Best Organic Deodorant for An Odourless Active Lifestyle

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right natural deodorant that suits you, including skin type, lifestyle, convenience, and personal preferences.

It’s also important to consider whether the product aligns with your values by considering aspects such as eco-friendliness.

Total Image Smelly No More organic deodorant is made with natural mineral salts and is free of harsh chemicals such as aluminium, alcohol, and artificial fragrance. It is one of the best natural deodorants for body odour in Malaysia, and comes in two varieties, namely roll on deodorant stick and deodorant spray.

Smelly No More Roll On Deodorant Stick

Smelly No More roll on deodorant is applied directly onto the skin to tackle body odour.

This is especially great for those who sweat a lot, as more of the ingredients are delivered directly to the underarms, providing a good defence against the Malaysian heat.

Its small size makes it travel-friendly and allows you to apply your deodorant discreetly on the go.

Give Smelly No More roll on deodorant a try and enjoy all day freshness every day!

Smelly No More Deodorant Spray

This deodorant is sprayed onto the skin. If you hate waiting for your deodorant to dry, this deodorant spray is definitely for you. It releases a fine mist, which dries quickly, so you don’t have to waste precious time fanning your underarms. Just spray and get going!

Due to its contactless application, you can also share this spray with your family and friends without any hesitation. Besides, rest assured, deodorant spray is halal certified.

Try Smelly No More scentless deodorant spray and enjoy fast and effective body odour protection today!

Prefer a deodorant with a lovely, fresh scent instead? Our new Smelly No More deodorant spray with essential oils is for you! Embrace captivating, natural fragrances without all the added chemicals. Our collection features vanilla and bergamot, fresh lily and grapefruit, green tea and peppermint, and geranium and cherry blossom options. Try them today and feel fresh all day long!

Tips and Tricks: Adapting to Natural & Organic Products after Conventional Deodorants

Some people may experience challenges while transitioning from conventional deodorants to natural deodorants.

The bacteria that reside in our underarms can become accustomed to the antiperspirant we use, and switching to a different product often involves an adjustment period.

It can take a few weeks for the bacteria to adjust to your new deodorant and settle down. During this time, you may experience some changes in body odour.

However, wearing breathable fabrics, staying hydrated, and topping up your deodorant during the day can help to ease the transition process and keep you feeling fresh.

Join the Freshness Movement with Smelly No More Natural Deodorant in Malaysia

Natural deodorants allow active Malaysian women to stay clean and fresh throughout the day without sacrificing their health and the environment. It’s the perfect guilt-free choice that keeps you odour-free, so you can live your best life with confidence.

Check out our complete line of personal care products and enjoy everlasting freshness today!


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