How To Stay Clean & Fresh in Malaysia? Natural Deodorants

How To Stay Clean & Fresh

We all know Malaysia is notorious for being hot and humid all year long. On the one hand, we can save ourselves the dry weather and winter cold months, but on the other hand, hot and humid almost always equals moist pits and body odour. It's 100% natural to sweat; it is our body's way of expelling heat to bring down our internal body temperature to an optimal level. Now, sweat itself is odourless. The problem is the odour causing bacteria that delves on a person's skin. These bacteria break down protein molecules in our sweat and produce body odour as a result. 

As the title suggests, natural deodorants may just be your solution to combat the Malaysian weather. They exist in liquid, cream, and even powder form to absorb moisture from your underarms and keep you feeling dry and odourless all day long. If you have been relying on antiperspirants, it's time to get rid of them now. Not only do they contain harmful chemicals that may potentially trigger an allergic reaction, but they also leave stubborn stains on your clothes.  Wave goodbye to uncomfortable wetness, bad odour, musty pits, and say hello to 24/7 freshness and clean clothes. 

What exactly is so "natural" about natural deodorants? 

It all comes down to its ingredients list. For antiperspirants, key ingredients may include aluminium, baking soda, parabens and fragrances and dyes that can be detrimental to the skin. They clog your pores, leave some kind of white residue on the underarm, and may even cause irritation to the skin. It's bad news all around. Natural deodorants, though, are formulated with natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, such as shea butter, coconut oil, mineral salts, et cetera. Natural deodorants work by re-balancing bacterial and perspiration levels to cease the overproduction of odour causing bacteria. With ingredients like these, it's safe to say that they are perfect for those with sensitive skin!

Which natural deodorant should I try out? 

Total Image Smelly-No-More Deodorant Spray
Total Image Smelly-No-More Crystal Roll-on Deodorant

There are plenty of natural deodorants for you here in Malaysia. One of the best natural deodorants that Malaysians love is none other than our very own Total Image Smelly-No-More crystal roll-on deodorant. Formulated with the Malaysian weather in mind, this all-natural deodorant is made according to a proprietary process with natural mineral salts to eliminate odour causing bacteria. We know Malaysians are always looking for variations, and so we deliver! Total Image has also repackaged the roll-on deodorant into a portable spray bottle. Perfect for sharing, the Total Image Smelly-No-More Deodorant Spray will leave your underarm fresh and keep you smelling clean and odour-free the entire day!


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