Stay Confident and Dry with Organic Deodorants

Stay Confident and Dry with Organic Deodorants

When it comes to battling body odour, natural and organic deodorant is becoming an increasingly popular choice among Malaysian consumers.

Made with natural ingredients, organic deodorants that don’t contain harmful chemicals such as aluminium are a preferred choice to stay clean and fresh despite the heat.

If you’re new to the world of organic deodorants, you might be wondering, how is it different from the regular deodorant and is it a better choice? Let us further discover about organic deodorants and the factors that have contributed to their popularity.

Soothing Your Skin with Organic Deodorants for Skin Health

There are various benefits to using natural deodorant. One of them is that it is made with natural ingredients such as mineral salts that are gentler on your skin compared to harsh chemicals like aluminium and parabens.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ve probably experienced some skin irritation from using regular deodorant. Switching to organic deodorant can minimise these irritations and nurture healthier skin.

Breaking Free from Body Odour with Natural Mineral-Salt Deodorants

Our bodies sweat as a way to regulate temperature in hot weather. Many people think that sweating itself is the root cause of body odour. In actual fact, it’s the bacteria on our skin reacting to sweat that causes unpleasant odours.

Antiperspirants containing aluminium keep you from sweating as a way to block unpleasant body odour, however, this actually disrupts the body’s natural way of keeping cool. 

Organic mineral salt deodorants, on the other hand, allow you to sweat so your body can eliminate unwanted toxins and keep cool naturally. Instead, it kills the bacteria responsible for body odour to keep you fresh and odour-free all day long.

Benefits of Organic & Alcohol-Free Deodorants for All

While we may hesitate to introduce regular deodorants to our kids due to their harsh chemical composition, organic, alcohol-free deodorants are kid-friendly, making them the perfect choice for your whole family.

Regardless of age and gender, Total Image’s unisex deodorant can help to keep your family fresh without the fear of potentially dangerous side effects.

Our organic crystal deodorant sprays also can be hygienically shared between friends and family due to its contactless application, so you can even share this product on a family holiday in the sun!

Step into the Fresh Future with Organic Deodorants in Malaysia

You don’t have to turn to harmful chemical-based products in order to tackle the problem of body odour. Natural deodorants can keep you fresh without the unpleasant side effects.

Protect your skin and overall health by using organic deodorants made with natural ingredients. Total Image’s Smelly No More Deodorant, made with natural mineral salts, is a great choice to beat the heat at an affordable price. It’s one of the best halal natural deodorant brands, trusted by Malaysians since 1984.


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