Why You Should Avoid Aluminium and Alcohol in Your Deodorant Products

Why You Should Avoid Aluminium and Alcohol in Your Deodorant Products

Many people rely on deodorant to keep them fresh and odour-free throughout the day, especially in tropical countries like Malaysia.

The simple step of applying deodorant before heading out the door can make such a difference to your confidence and the impression you make on others. Given the important role that deodorant plays in our day-to-day lives, it’s no wonder that this product has become a must-have for many Malaysians.

Since deodorants are products that we use on our skin daily, it’s important to choose a suitable one that doesn’t contain potentially harmful ingredients.

Here are some problematic ingredients you should avoid in your search for the best deodorant for body odour in Malaysia.

The Purpose and Impact of Aluminium in Deodorants

Aluminium is a popular ingredient used in many antiperspirants. It helps to plug up pores on your underarms and reduce perspiration. Body odour occurs when the bacteria present on your skin reacts to sweat. Reduced perspiration, thus, keeps you dry and odour-free.

While antiperspirants containing aluminium are effective in preventing body odour, it’s important to note that exposure to aluminium has been linked to health problems such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Further research is required to confirm the effects of aluminium exposure, but to be safe, it would be best to avoid antiperspirants containing this controversial ingredient.

Instead, you can opt for aluminium-free deodorants that keep you smelling fresh by killing the bacteria on your skin responsible for body odour without hindering the natural sweating process that cools you down.

Alcohol in Deodorants: More Harm Than Good?

Alcohol is another ingredient that is commonly used in deodorants. It helps to reduce odour-causing bacteria and makes deodorant dry faster after application. Although this ingredient has its pros, there are also major cons to consider.

Alcohol is a harsh compound that can disrupt your skin’s natural barrier and cause underarm skin dryness, irritation, and sensitivity. You shouldn’t have to compromise the health and comfort of your skin to keep body odour at bay!

If you experience redness or irritation in your underarms, consider switching to an alcohol-free deodorant. This way, you can stay minty fresh while still protecting your skin.

The Growing Demand for Natural Deodorants in Malaysia

There has been a growing demand for aluminium and alcohol-free deodorants as more and more consumers are becoming aware of the harmful effects of these ingredients. Organic deodorants are becoming increasingly popular as they are safe to use and effective against body odour.

If you’re looking for an alternative to aluminium and alcohol-based deodorants, give Total Image’s Smelly No More Deodorant a try! Made with natural mineral salts, it’s one of the best natural deodorant brands in Malaysia.

These deodorants contain no harmful ingredients and are effective in eliminating odour-causing bacteria on your skin, leaving you fresh and confident all day long. They come in two forms, namely roll on deodorant and spray deodorant.

Smelly No More Roll On Deodorant

Smelly No More Roll On Deodorant is proof that great things come in small packages! This crystal stone natural roll-on deodorant is aluminium and alcohol-free, so you can prevent body odour without damaging your skin.

This roll-on deodorant is great for discreet application and its compact size makes it perfect for travel.

Smelly No More Spray Deodorant

If you prefer spray deodorants, you can go for Smelly No More Spray Deodorant instead.

Free of harmful chemicals, you can enjoy odour-free underarms and healthy skin with this natural water-based deodorant spray. Its easy, contactless application makes this deodorant perfect for sharing.

Choose a Natural Deodorant Alternative and Prioritise Your Wellness Now

Choosing the right deodorant may seem like a small matter, but it’s one that can significantly impact your well-being. Deodorant products containing aluminium and alcohol can potentially lead to serious health and skin problems.

Opting for natural deodorants without any harmful chemicals will give you peace of mind and effectively tackle body odour, so you can live your life with confidence.

Try our 3-in-1 Smelly No More Gift Pack, available at Total Image, to start exploring the amazing world of natural deodorants today!


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