With Malaysia’s Weather, Are Natural Deodorants Better For You

With Malaysia’s Weather, Are Natural Deodorants Better For You

Malaysia's tropical climate makes some of us sweat more than usual, causing foul smells that have prompted us to look for ways to control body odour. We rely upon our deodorant to get us through intense workout sessions and nervous sweats without smelling bad for the vast majority of us. 

However, the pitfalls with using regular deodorants and antiperspirants are the possible skin irritation, clogged pores. But don't sweat it! While you won't have to completely throw out your deodorants, you might want to consider switching to natural deodorants to combat Malaysia’s weather. 

But be warned, finding the best natural deodorant can be a frustrating experience as making the switch to an aluminium-free formula may make you "smell worse".

What To Expect - Natural Deodorants

When making the switch, many have said that natural deodorant simply doesn't work. Well, the truth is that your body goes through a detox phase when you swap out your aluminium-laden antiperspirant. Deodorants made from natural ingredients do not stop you from sweating, but they do not make you smell worse. It is the bacterial communities under your arms that are changing.

After stopping using antiperspirants, you will notice an increase in odour-causing bacteria in the underarm area. However, this will subside over time as your body starts adjusting to aluminium-free deodorants. 

Choosing The Right Natural Deodorant

Determining which natural deodorant works for your body is very personal and involves a fair bit of trial and error. If you have sensitive skin or are a heavy sweater, then what works for others might not work for you. 

You can make a list of natural deodorant products available in Malaysia recommended by friends and family and try them out. 

The most important reason to use natural deodorants is to ensure that you continue to sweat properly. When you sweat, you regulate your body temperature and flush toxins from your system. Using chemical-laden, traditional deodorants, on the other hand, can clog your pores and make it harder for your body to sweat as it needs to.

A lot of us have been searching for a natural deodorant that doesn't fail us when we need it most, and like many of us, Gigi Hadid was on the hunt for natural deodorant too. When she found it, she wasted no time gushing about it! So, though it may seem scary to undertake this journey, having the knowledge to choose a healthier lifestyle will give you peace of mind.

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